Kyra Gracie Uncovered: A Short Film

September 10, 2011  |  Events, Practice

This short film, the full version of the Interview with Kyra Gracie video, shot in Aug-Sept 2011, features Kyra like never before. An in-depth interview is cut with extensive footage of her training and rolling, only weeks out from ADCC 2011.

The interview includes:
- How it was to grow up a part of the famous Gracie family
- How her uncles tried to dissuade her from pursuing a career in jiu-jitsu, going so far as to tell her to quit
- How she’s inspired a new generation of “Gracie girls”
- Details of her plans to start a family

The line of questioning in this interview was inspired by and borrowed from the project work of Jeanne Chun, a health and physical education teacher, yoga instructor and Crossfit instructor from New York city, who visited Rio de Janeiro in July/August 2011 with the assistance of Fund For Teachers.

Kyra Gracie Uncovered: A Short Film

Filmed at Gordo Jiu-Jitsu / Evolve MMA, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro

Film by Hywel Teague
With thanks to Dennis Asche

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