Jeanne Chun

Jeanne Chun was not who you would expect to be a yogi.  Jeanne came upon her yoga practice unexpectedly and almost reluctantly. As a runner and weight-lifter during her school years, Jeanne thrived in high-intensity exercise environments, but decided to try yoga as a way to relieve the stress and anxiety of the hectic New York City lifestyle.  Her first Hatha class more than 10 years ago proved to be harder than imagined, as she found it immensely difficult to control her breathing and to lay in stillness.  In fact, the next few times Jeanne practiced, she was frustrated at the slow pace of what yoga seemed to be.  But this struggle pushed Jeanne to keep practicing and to master her own energy.  Something compelled her to keep exploring yoga and she found inspiration in learning more about how to sit through discomfort.  She then discovered the heated Bikram style and spent her early years as a yogi sweating out her fire in the focused practice.

But as her yoga practice grew, so did Jeanne’s curiosity of the various philosophies and styles of practice.  Exploring the various studios in New York City and in destinations around the world, Jeanne discovered her love of the vinyasa flow and Anusara styles.  The meaningful breath, the heart-opening mindfulness, the movement through beautiful shapes, the challenging balances, the mind-body connection, the intelligent alignment, the slow at moments yet flowing at times pace, and the ever-changing and innovative sequences are what allowed Jeanne’s curiosity of yoga to grow.  In fact, Jeanne practiced more and more  because she noticed that yoga became harder and harder.  This process and challenge is what drives Jeanne, and these themes are evident in her teaching.


What makes Jeanne’s style of teaching special is that she integrates unique movements and philosophies from her experience across various fitness activities.  A true long-time hardcore cross-trainer, Jeanne not only teaches but trains hard.  And she does quite a number of things. Jeanne is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter.  A submission grappling competitor. A CrossFit loyalist.  A barbell devotee.  A swim, bike, run athlete.  A pilates practioner.  A competitive athlete balanced as a compassionate yogi.  Inside the teacher, a devoted learner at heart. In fact, Jeanne’s lifelong love of the student role, from her early years as a gymnast, to her current lifestyle as a health educator and yoga instructor, is what makes teaching so meaningful to her.  It takes a dedicated student to understand what it means to be a teacher.


In addition to completing a Master of Arts degree in Health Education from Teachers College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences/Pre-medicine from Columbia University, Jeanne’s additional certifications in yoga, sports, health, and education, include:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance
  • Certified CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit/ANSI Accredited Program
  • Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, The Ancient Massage Foundation
  • New York State Certified Teacher in Health and Physical Education
  • National Certified Health Education Specialist
  • Physical Best Instructor, National Association for Sport and Physical Education
  • Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids Instructor
  • LifeSkills Training Instructor


Jeanne has taught children, teenagers, adults, and seniors over many years and invites you to practice with her.  She invites you to challenge yourself, to do something you thought you might never try, to become curious of something different, to maybe even find out something new about yourself.  In fact, Jeanne challenges you to observe how a seemingly physical practice allows you to connect with the spirituality in you that you may not even think exists.  Jeanne never imagined her own awakening of pure potential, but she will let you discover that for yourself.  She invites you to believe. BELIEVE in Yoga.