Take a leap of faith

Believe.  Embrace the opportunity.  Smile at the challenge.  Breathe it in.  Let it go.  Believe it is you.  Be it. Live it. You are. Stay with the struggle. Push yourself to the edge, over the edge.  Today is the day. This is the moment.  Do not hesitate. Go.  Make it happen. Do it now.  BELIEVE in Yoga.

Surrender the attachment to the struggle

Let go of how you want things to be or how you think they should be. Let go of what you like, what you do not like. Let go of how you think you are, how others see you, what others think of you. Drop the story. Let go of the judging of yourself and others. Let go of the attachment to the struggle. Do less. Find power in surrender.

Live the moment

Experience the beauty of things as they are.  Let things come when they come.  Allow yourself the opportunity to be open in giving and receiving.  Find gratitude in compassion.  Create, inspire, live, love.  Expand your being.  Share in your expansiveness.