Thai Yoga Massage Therapy

Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is an energetic bodywork technique designed to relax the mind and revitalize the body. The treatment is an energetic flow that may be used for total mind-body balancing, overall relaxation, stretching of muscles, and therapy for injury rehabilitation. Thai Yoga Massage Therapy is a useful complement to yoga asana practice and can allow the body to move more easily through yoga postures as well as everyday movements.

The techniques utilized in Thai Yoga Massage Therapy allow body parts to be moved into positions that support increased range of motion in everyday activities and sports, improve flexibility of the muscles to prevent injuries, balance the meridian paths in the body to strengthen the organs and systems, and stimulate blood supply to the muscles to flush waste products from the body.

This ancient massage technique acknowledges mutual trust and understanding between the client and therapist.  It is energy flow and honors respect of the body and mind.  It is traditionally performed on mats or blankets on the floor and without oil.  Music is often played to create a soothing environment that supports full relaxation.

Loose comfortable clothing is to be worn during the treatment. Full sessions are 90 minutes, though clients may choose to opt for 60 minute relaxation sessions.

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The Thai Yoga Massage Experience

“That was the best massage I’ve ever had in my life.  I feel so light.  I’ve been to some other massages where I was even more stressed during the massage.  But Jeanne’s massage was really the best, she’s really good at it.  It wasn’t just a massage but she also did a lot of stretches that I really needed where I was tight.  For real, I feel so good.  You can tell Jeanne loves to do what she does and I really felt it.  I feel so relaxed from head to toe.  I’m going to go to work tomorrow smiling all day.”

-Fabio, 29, Building Supervisor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

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